Newton founder Mr. Xu Jizhe meet joint founder of Block VC Zeng Bibing

newtonproject on 2018.09.28

On 28 September 2018, Founder of Newton Project, Mr. Xu Jizhe has a meeting with Ms. Zeng Bibing, Co-Founder of Block VC, along with four other members. Dr. Hu Dinghe, Newton Project Adviser, and Newton’s technical team director also attend the meeting. Xu Presents Newton Project’s newest pipeline and its supernode program. In response, Ms. Zeng expresses her opinion that the progress and project adoption plan have significantly surpassed her expectation. She looks forward to the official launch of NewMall, Newton’s first commercial application.

Block VC is a reputable venture capital in China and an important partner of Newton Project. In the future, Block VC and Newton will collaborate together on Newton’s application of payment, supply chain, agriculture, charity, gaming, and self-finance industry. 

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