Newton BD Baihua attends the 2018 Super Block Summit (BLOCKMAX)

newtonproject on 2018.10.28

On October 27th, 2018, Baihua, the head of business development for the Newton project, represented Newton to attend the 2018 Super Block Summit (BLOCKMAX) which is held by the Newton community member Wemerge in Shenzhen. Baihua introduced the technical features and landing application plan of Newton NewChain, NewPay to the guests, and said that the main network NewChain and the wallet NewPay will be launched soon, and the third round of token exchange will be opened in the near future.

The Super Block Chain Summit is hosted by Wemerge (Wemerge venture), co-hosted by the strongest local communities and top institutions. The Super Block Chain Summit aims at bring the international high-quality blockchain projects, leading blockchain technology, quality teams and professional investment strategies to domestic and foreign cities.

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