NewID Registrations Break the Half Million Mark

newtonproject on 2019.06.17

NewID registrations have reached 500,000! NewIDs are users’ decentralized identity in the Newton community economy, and NewID is built into NewPay. Users must install NewPay and create a NewID using an invitation code and mobile number to start mining. Using NewIDs, they can generate invitation codes, initiate Newton node elections, vote, and log into any DApp in the Newton ecosystem.

Linkage to a mobile number, and 100 NEW, are required to create NewIDs. These NEW go into NewTax, at the following address: NEW182GJfscSmL2TjVdqbcVm3uZKGgUSitCjxt4. This address now contains over 12 million NEW. The NEW in NewTax will later be released into the NewPool incentive pool and distributed to the community in accordance with NewForce rules. 

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