WANQI Mall Joins Newton Ecosystem

newtonproject on 2019.08.19

The Newton ecosystem has welcomed another practical application: Wanqi mall. The mall is operated through the community node WANQINEW, and covers all product types including points mall, global shopping, and member birthday zone modules. Users can logon using NewPay NewIDs; they earn 5 NewForce from each purchase order, which are automatically converted into NEW based on the daily NewForce proportion. Meanwhile, Wanqi pays 10 NEW for each on-chain data point as income for Newton’s community economy into NewTax.

With hundreds of thousands of members, Wanqi relies upon Newton technology to upgrade its membership system to an account system based on blockchain, incorporated into the Newton community economy in which “everyone contributes and everyone benefits.”

Newton is continuing to build the infrastructure for the community economy to empower traditional business.

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