Community Voice | Decentralized exchange protocol NewSwap sets a new benchmark

DeFi has become a popular application in the blockchain field, and decentralized exchange platforms are a fundamental part of the foundation. On a decentralized exchange platform, users take full control of their assets by controlling their private keys, with no fear of the risk of small central exchanges being hacked or closed, and naturally with global liquidity. NewSwap ( is a decentralized exchange protocol built onNewton NewChain, where liquidity is provided by the community and transaction fees belong to the liquidity providers.

Efficient and low-cost value transfer

NewSwap is an application layer exchange protocol based on NewChain, which enables secure and convenient exchange between NEW and NRC6 token issued on NewChain. NewPay on the mobile end has also integrated NewSwap, and the needs of users of different habits have been met, making it the first decentralized exchange protocol in the blockchain world to bring its own PC and mobile products online simultaneously. Through NewBridge, Newton’s cross-chain mechanism, other mainstream public-chain assets can be traded across the chain to Newton NewChain on NewSwap, utilizing the advantages of NewChain second-level settlement, extremely low cost, and Newton’s function as a DAO and DeFi infrastructure is fully demonstrated.

PC web end

Mobile end NewPay

Community governance, governance token holders are NewSwap shareholders

NewSwap will issue NSP (NewSwap Power) and NST (NewSwap Token), NSDT has a built-in deflation mechanism. The NSP represents the ownership of the ecology and the NST represents the right to benefit from the ecology. When liquidity mining is opened, liquidity providers can obtain transaction fees and earnings NST (NewSwap Token).

UniSwap had traded more than $950 million in 24 hours once, and the fees allocated to liquidity providers on the same day amounted to about 20 million yuan, or nearly 10 million yuan per day. For users, the token on the centralized exchange is also idle, no interest generated, but on NewSwap, they own full control of the private key, and can obtain transaction fees and future NST earnings, NST brings its own deflation mechanism, with Newton’s ecological development, more rising imagination space. The owner of the Governance Pass NSP (NewSwap Power) has the right to decide on the development of NewSwap and reviews the project’s on-line default pass list.

NewSwap has a clear advantage over other platforms

Decentralized exchange is the future, and the rise of Swap has accelerated popularity by changing the inconvenient use of decentralized exchanges such as Bitshares. NewSwap goes further and the owners decide the development of NewSwap via governance.

Recently, one of the top three exchanges issued an announcement that the private key controller was out of the link for personal reasons, resulting in the failure to complete the currency withdrawal authorization. In accordance with Article 8.1 of the Terms of Service, “Changes and Interruptions to the Services” may change the content of the Services and/or interrupt, suspend or terminate the Services at any time or without prior notice. The institute has suspended the user’s currency withdrawal from 16 October 2020 (Hong Kong time) at 11:00 pm. On the same day, affected by the short market immediately fell, the central exchange’s shortcomings were once again pushed into the spotlight. NewSwap, on the other hand, does not experience similar problems because the user keeps the private key and controls the assets.

NewAsset Generator issuing digital assets at the click of a button

NewAsset Generator is a NewChain digital asset distribution tool that provides a one-click distribution experience. Enter simple information such as token symbol, scale, total circulation, etc., and you can choose whether to issue a testnet or a mainnet token. Compared with other public chains issuing tokens, its convenience, cost advantage are particularly obvious. It is much less difficult and costly than Ethereum according to user feedback.

At present, more than 110 kinds of digital assets have appeared on NewChain, covering tax services, catering, wine, agriculture, services, community and other fields. Some of them have been approved and appear on NewSwap’s default token list.

NewSwap complements an important jigsaw puzzle for Newton

Now, based on Newton’s infrastructure, entrepreneurs can use Newton’s decentralized blockchain technology to implement a full-process closure from issuing digital assets on NewChain to trading on NewSwap. At the same time, users get a secure and convenient experience with blockchain technology. Since the opening of the NewChain test network in Newton, more than 20 testnet accounting nodes have appeared. When the NewChain main network is opened, entrepreneurs can also run the accounting nodes of the main network. In the process of using Newton infrastructure, NEW will be costed as the transaction fee, and by running the NewChain mainnet accounting node, you can obtain NEW, not only to achieve a balance of expenditure and income, but also have the opportunity to obtain a surplus.


Newton (NEW) is a value measurement, storage and incentive tool of Newton’s ecological built-in and tool attribute. Build new organizational governance paradigms that serve a wide range of industries and scenarios through technology infrastructure such as NewChain. Please be aware that its price is determined by the market, do not rule out the risk of sharp price fluctuations, the content of the article does not constitute investment advice, please make your own prudent decisions, and independently assume the corresponding risks.