1. What is Newton Project?
    The Newton Project initiated in 2017 is the first project to help build the new infrastructure for a community-based economy. The project is building the global framework that allows Dapps and services for community governance, individual collaborations, and fair distributions of incentives. The Newton Project aims to upgrade the current corporation dominant economic system into a new era of community-dominant economic system which allows all contributors of society to benefit in a fair manner. The core team is made up of global industry experts who deeply care about the long-term economic growth of the world. The Newton Project draws some of the greatest minds in the field to act as advisors and creative heads. The project continues to be shaped and worked on by elites of various cultures and backgrounds in a decentralized manner across the globe to ensure the most progressive solutions to today’s issues.
    2. What is Community Economy?
    The Newton Project has created the world’s first smart community system which involves both the humans and machines. Together, this helps establish new economic models via smart collaborations and stabilizes the community economy. Comparing to traditional business model, It has obvious advantages in terms of Organizational structure, Cooperation mode, Incentive mechanisms, The ownership of the data, and Transactional costs. Newton is the infrastructure of the community economy and its technical framework includes: the Application layer, the Protocol layer and the Basic foundation technology layer, providing the back bone for complete governance, collaboration, incentives to stabilize the community economy.
    3. What is the tech behind the Newton Project?
    Newton has a full stack technology architecture to support current Dapps such as NewPay and NewMall. This tech infrastructure contains all elements for develpers to continuously develop Dapps within the Newton Ecosystem: 1. Basic Foundation Tech Layer: Underlying public chain “NewChain”. (Newton Mainnet was launched in December 18, 2018, with a “Main chain + sub chain” structure and POA consensus mechanism, its TPS is over 5000 and can be scalable for various business using cases). 2. Distributed storage service New Net and New IOT (covering more than a dozen sensors). 3. The Protocol Layer: The Hyper Exchange Protocol, this layer supports digital identity and credit, supply chain, digital marketing, transactions and payments, trusted physical channels, self-finance and NNIO, etc. 4. The Application Layer: The Dapp Layer. Newton’s premier Dapp, NewMall is the first blockchain secured E-Commerce platform to operate globally. The platform allows Peer to Peer buying and selling without the injection of a commercial intermediary. Through the success of NewMall, this demonstrates a real world use case for blockchain and is a proven system that can be applied towards various other industries such as agriculture, supply chain, finance, public welfare, games etc.
    4. What are current Newton Project use cases?
    The NewMall is an exemplary successful Dapp development case from the Newton Project. NewMall is a chain-retailer that combines blockchain and e-commerce. Through Newton technology, it eliminates huge commercial intermediaries and allows consumers and other contributors to benefit from consumption and restructure retail. Future Newton Dapp developments will be released in agriculture, supply chain, finance, payment affairs, public welfare, and games.
    5. How big is the Newton Project Communities?
    The Newton Project is a global project with communities distributed across 89 countries and growing. Newton has established 32 overseas telegraph groups covering more than 170,000 people as of June, 2019. Community is the foundation for the Newton community-based economy. NewIDs exceeded 500,000.
    6. What is the Human-Machine Community? How does it work?
    Newton is made up of two types of governance to help run the system smoothly, humans and machines. The Newton Project believes in the progression of machines aiding humans in daily life interactions, and this also includes high level decision making to achieve transparency and fairness. Blockchain technology can automatically verify trustworthiness of users in the user communities in the form of credit in a free, open, peer-to-peer manner without an authoritative intermediary. Under this credit system, the “Bit World” with atomic properties can establish property rights and scarcity, turn data into wealth, and combine technologies such as Internet of Things and artificial intelligence to establish trust, collaboration and incentives between people, machines, or people and machines. Each person and each machine can be a node, linked together to form a human-machine community. Through comprehensive evaluation of the credit, token holds, human power, and computing power of the node, the node’s NewForce, which is a contributions measurement system, can be accurately assessed. Under the premise of orderly governance, super nodes can be elected through voting mechanism to optimize the human-machine community.
    7. How does Individual take part in Newton Project?
    Please join any or all of our communication groups: Telegram: https://t.me/Newtonproject Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/newtonproject Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/newton_project Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/newtonproject Medium: https://medium.com/@newtonproject Weibo: https://www.weibo.com/newtonproject Google Group: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!aboutgroup/newton-universe Wechat Official Groups: newtonproject
    8. What is NEW? Or NEW TOKEN?
    NEW is the symbol of the Newton token. In the ecology of the Newton community economy, NEW is a super carrier of value and rights, with characteristics of easy circulation, digitization, encryption, and decentralization. On Newton’ Premiere Dapp, the NewMall, NEW represents the value of the platform and also represents the rights of the users.
    9. What is NewTax?
    The NEW revenue generated by the DApp in Newton's ecosystem will enter NewTax. The Address is NEW182GJfscSmL2TjVdqbcVm3uZKGgUSitCjxt. This part of the NEW will be released into NewPool in the future to provide more incentives for contributors within the Newton community. NewTax's specific release time and release method will be announced in future.
    10. What is NewID?
    The NewID is the secure-decentralized ID so individual users can navigate the Newton ecosystem. Creation of the NewID costs 99NEW, which can be accessed via the NewPay Wallet. The cost of the NewID is to prevent malicious reigstrations. The registration fee of the NewID is then automatically put into the NewTax, which is first locked and then enters the NewPool in the future.
    11. What is Newton’s consensus mechanism?
    POA(Proof of Action). Contribution of individuals are measured in NewForce, contributors earn NEW as per mining rules.
    12. What is NewForce?
    NewForce can be understood as a tool for measuring contributions. The contribution of the members of the community on the day is calculated according to the rules of the mining system. The individual's NewForce is divided by the total pool of NewForce of the day, and the NEW amount released on the same day is the individual contribution of the day.
    13. When can we see our NewForce amount daily?
    At 8:00 Singapore time every day, you will see your NEW amount earned via NewForce of the previous day. The amount can be seen in the updated mining page in the NewPay Wallet.
    14. What are Newton’s mining rules?
    To Participate in Newton’s Mining, one must download NewPay, register for a proper NewID and follow the steps within the Dapp.
    15. Can we earn NEW via NewForce every day?
    Please refer to the NewForce infographic for details.
    16. What is Newton token distribution?
    Total Supply: 100,000,000,000 NEW Destroyed: 1,176,338,738.54 NEW Token exchange: 13,823,661,261.46 NEW (2nd & 3rd token exchange NEW releases, 1st token exchange NEW not released) Community incentive: 60,000,000,000 NEW, released since March 15th, 2019 and will last for 50 years, 800 million NEW will be released in the first year. Foundation: 1/5 of the total amount is immediately unlocked, the rest will be unlocked 1/36 every month. Team: 10,000,000,000 NEW. The first year is the lock period. From the second year, every month 1/24 of the total amount will be unlocked.
    17. Is the NewChain code open source?
    As of June 2019, the NewChain code has be open publicly to the exchanges, and will eventually be open to the public in future. Please refer to https://github.com/newtonproject for updates.
    18. What is the difference between Newton MainNet and TestNet?
    The Testnet is a first beta release of all Dapps. Usually this is a good opportunity to get involved with the Newton Project, and help shape it’s path. Often communities will give constructive feedback for the development team, and final changes will then be released to the public via the MainNet.
    19. What is the difference between NewMall and traditional E-commerce platform?
    The current E-commerce platforms benefits a small group of people. NewMall, is the first global decentralized E-commerce platform that allows true peer to peer trading without a third party intermediary. This allows profits to be distributed evenly throughout the ecosystem.