Newton Ecosystem Development Fund

Fund Positioning

NewFund is a blockchain FOF (Fund of Funds) under the Newton Foundation. It aims to encourage more people to participate in the development of Newton's business ecosystem and ensure that all parties share dividends of economic growth through innovative incentive mechanisms.

Funding Source

NewFund comes primarily from the Newton Foundation and Newton's private equity investors. The fund is managed by a professional GP. By becoming a NewFund LP, investors can share in the growth of the Newton economy and the blockchain industry.

Fund Management

NewFund will be managed in the form of joint governance and shared enjoyment, conducting global cooperation and establishing a special token fund with top talent and institutions from the industry.

Direction of Investment

NewFund's mission is to develop Newton's economy. It will use funds, technology, community and other resources to support the entire ecosystem of the commercial infrastructure, general services, application layers and peripheral services. At the same time, it will also set up accelerators to help ecosystem projects.