Newton's technology framework consists of three layers: the basic technology layer, the hyper exchange protocol layer, and the application layer. The basic technology layer includes NewChain, NewNET, Atom Hashing, NewIoT and NewAI; the hyper exchange protocol layer includes digital identity and credit, supply chain, digital marketing, transactions and payments, trusted physical channels, supply chain and NNIO, etc. The application layer includes wallets, retail, logistics, finance and insurance. We are developing a series of basic technologies to support the hyper exchange protocol, which is the basic commercial protocol cluster supporting upper-layer application operations.

Hyper Exchange Protocol

Digital Identity and Credit

Users use their digital identity to manage and control access to their digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, personal data, personal credit and any binary content they have the right to use.    more

Supply Chain

By using techniques like Atom Hashing we create a unique digital identity for commodities across the whole network, allowing users to check any information on any commodity at any time.    more

Digital Marketing

Advertising plans can be set through built-in marketing smart contract templates, including incentive models, settlement models, and dynamic pricing rules.    more

Trading And Payment

Newton's trading and payment platform lets users define transactions using the built-in smart contract templates and rule engine, including multi-party transactions based on complex business rules and settlement rules.    more

Secure Physical Tunnel

With NewChain and NewIoT technologies, Newton offers a reliable physical tunnel protocol, allowing secure delivery of physical assets. Any third party can manufacture safety equipment according to the open specification.    more

Automatic Finance

Developers can define smart financial contracts based on built-in smart contract templates for insurance, lending and investment, including digital identity and credit and KYC information.    more


Developers can access NewNET through the NNIO (NewNET IO) protocol, using storage services, computing services and domain names.    more

Basic Technology


NewChain offers a main chain and sub-chains. The main chain supports account management, NEW token management, sub-chain management, network governance and more.    more


NewNET consists of a large number of nodes that run on an open network, providing reliable storage services and supporting a full SQL database and general programming languages.    more

Atom Hashing

By using radiometric dating, PCA, machine vision, and deep learning Newton can quickly extract multiple characteristics of material assets.   more


NewIoT is Newton's IoT infrastructure, including blockchain fog computing, communication protocols between IoT devices and gateways, and NewChain IoT device specifications.    more


NewAI (Distributed Artificial Intelligence) promotes the development of AI from data, algorithm models, and execution engines.   more